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Motorola Phones One Vision review: Ignore specifications, enjoy excellent user expertise

It’s got the aspects, a great-looking appearance, and surprisingly stable performance, making this a perfect recommendation.

Motorola may not possess the enchantment it used to have back in the times, but the Lenovo-owned company does come out hard with some great hits. Last year, we noticed the quite amazing Motorola One Power that, aside from allowing a stock Android interface and a notched-display, bewildered us with its mega 5000mAh battery. Following that, Motorola fans ought to wait through the sooner disappointing Motorola phones G7 series before the Motorola One Vision proved up just a few weeks ago.


  • Beautiful design
  • Immersive 21:9 display design
  • Excellent user experience


  • Ordinary battery
  • Inadequate camera performance
  • Screen quality could be more helpful

Talk of alluring phones and Motorola answers

Motorola Phones

Let’s not strain here unnecessarily — this Motorola One Vision is unarguably one of the most attractive smartphones in 2019. This phone possesses a presence so different that you won’t confuse it with anything else once you have perceived it. Everyone is making glass bodies these days among wild gradient shades, but Motorola picks a class act, including the One Vision. Whichever shade you prefer, the color-black-color gradient has been made in a tasteful way.

The cause why this phone looks so different is due to its 21:9 display, which is small and taller, thereby providing the phone with an engaging profile. At the rear, you wish to find a big dual camera installation positioned off-center, and a fingerprint sensor that owns the Motorola logo drew in itself. The frame also has a small curvature to fit excellently in the palm — don’t understand the smooth and glossy covering to be metal — it’s plastic.

The exterior has a long and narrow display with thin bezels and a fat chin — gratitude to the LCD screen. Following every 2019 trend, there’s a hole-punch pattern for the front camera that’s ridiculously big and, in my belief, doesn’t manage better than a notch. The pattern isn’t made tastefully as you can see the backlight from acute angles. However, the big pattern does make the phone look attractive.

If I had to choose a phone only based on the appearances now, it ought to be the One Vision — Motorola grasps how to review the fashion-conscious when it comes to devices.

A cinematic viewing activity is let down by an ordinary LCD screen.

In the launch, Motorola was proudly bragging about the 21: CinemaVision performance. OLED panels matching the norm in 2019, many businesses still do awesome LCD screens. The one that’s utilized by Motorola is fairly average. The hues and contrast are average — I had to keep the tone settings in the Saturated color form to keep everything interesting. Even then, this picture quality at moments somehow seems as if it has been whitewashed carefully. I hope Motorola sets this with scheduled software updates.

An extraordinary Night mode makes you handle the camera in the dark.

You might have observed Motorola discussing a lot about the camera review in the advertisements. The One Vision, like any different Android phone, meets the 48-megapixel bandwagon by making a Samsung-made GM-1 sensor in the first slot and a subsidiary 5-megapixel depth sensor. At the display, there’s a 25-megapixel camera. Both the exterior and rear cameras do pixel binning to generate more light data, but the outcomes speak otherwise.

In the daytime, the Motorola One Vision takes excellent looking photos. The dynamic range is average, which means tones look good, and the contrast is satisfactory. Though the camera throws up a flushed tone on the photos to try to make the shades lively, and that isn’t pleasing. 

Primarily on human matters, the skin colors appear redder than normal. Plus, the photos don’t have sufficient sharpness, which is ominous considering the camera hardware on suggestion. The camera algorithms do a subtle job with portrait mode photos, but the subject detachment doesn’t work well consistently. And the reddish hue on the case will often make you withdraw from taking portraits frequently.

At nighttime, the camera copes massively with color precision and sharpness. Sometimes, the photos can’t be reliable enough to use on social media. Thankfully, the Nighttime mode is a sparing grace, and it works very well. The Nighttime mode intensifies the photo by an immense margin and attempts to keep up with the real colors. In case, the One Vision’s Night Time mode operates impressively. Just don’t link it with Google’s Night Vision — the Pixel phones do a far more satisfying job with shades.

As with selfies, the One Vision can’t influence highly here as well. Motorola says it utilizes Pixel Binning to get a 6-megapixel photo with more useful features. The selfies, though, come out blurry with neither sharpness. The camera app attempts to keep the shades exciting, but the loss of sharpness doesn’t run.

Motorola Phones

The overall camera show is below-average, besides for the Night mode. The Redmi Note 7 Pro prepares a far more satisfying job in photography in most states. Motorola hasn’t shown us anything about an imminent update to the camera. Only if this is something it will be like in the future the One Vision could miss out on much more inexpensive phones in this regard.

One Vision’s battery is satisfying for one day.

The One Vision has an assuring 3500mAh battery, but in actual life, it just endures to get to the conclusion under normal practice. And this is externally playing games — the one-day battery endurance is courtesy of a usage situation that includes loads of calls, texting, one-hour YouTube concourses, social media browsing, and streaming song. The 15W Turbo Power is charging heads up the battery from 10 percent in two hours.

Being reviewers, there are so several things that we have to hold in mind before passing a verdict on a smartphone. Greatest of the time, phones gain recommendations due to the expense and features they allow for the price, excluding the flagship totalities that guide the way for budget phones.

So, should you purchase it? If you worry about specifications, you may look away. Though, in the One Vision, Motorola has unknowingly surrendered a phone that works excellent as a phone — a phone. I have never discovered cheaper Android One phones steady, but Motorola has optimized it for stable performance on a usual basis. The optimization reveals the true potential of the Exynos 9609 chipset, and it can put up with a demanding user and even do gaming impressively. And on top of that, the excellent ergonomics held me from coming back to the One Vision from more pricey phones repeatedly.

So, if you appreciate a great user activity over the camera and enhanced specifications, you should analyze the Motorola One Vision. It’s an inclusive phone that will get you to keep using it.


The Motorola One Vision has acquired many things directly on paper. It claims a first-in-class 21:9 display, completely stunning design, and the popular 48-megapixel camera at the back. Even if you have a soft bit for Motorola due to all the modern phones it made in history, you can’t overlook how it fares to the opposition nowadays, given that there are some exceptional phones for the same price and some utterly brilliant ones are coming soon.

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