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In today’s time, we all have a hectic schedule. Juggling from one thing to another can be a task on some days. Home appliances are our saviours on those days and every day. Home appliances bring comfort and convenience in our life.

The best part about home appliances and gadgets is that they help us cook faster, clean better, and relax smarter.

In this article, we’ll be talking about one such appliance that helps you to keep your DISHSTRESS. Yes, you guess this article is all dishwashers.

Dishwashers are indeed a blessing to humans. Doing dishes on a perfect weekend is not the ideal way to spend a lazy Sunday. There are other things that you might want to do. Things like reading a book, going out with your friends, binge watch your favourite Netflix series, or do nothing and be a couch potato. Having a smart home appliance like a dishwasher in your home gives you the time you need for yourself or your family.

Factors to consider while buying Dishwashers

There are a variety of options available when it comes to buying home appliances, especially dishwashers. There are two types of dishwasher models available in the market, namely free-standing and built-in dishwashers. With so many brands offering dishwashers with distinct features it is hard to pick the right dishwasher for your house.

Home appliances

Here are a few factors you should consider while buying a large home appliance like a dishwasher. These factors will ensure that the dishwasher provides dish-comfort and no discomfort in the long run.

Washing and Drying performance

Judging a book by its cover is not a good idea to apply when buying a dishwasher. Pricey dishwashers don’t always mean the stellar performance you need. Multiple washing cycles and options are a must that clean up all kinds of food residue. Since most dishwashers are energy efficient and have a long washing cycle, a quick wash cycle would be beneficial. It’ll be an added advantage if the dishwasher has Sensor Plus. It allows you to automatically adjust the wash cycle according to the amount of dirt and the number of dishes. Also, make sure your dishwasher has quality outlets and enough spray systems to a squeaky clean wash.

As far as the drying in concern, there’re two types of methods a dishwasher uses to dry dishes and utensils. The first is heating that evaporates the moisture and dampness from the vessels. However, it has some issues; one is melted plastic and the second is burnt food residue. The second method of drying is condensation drying. This technique cools downs the interior of the dishwasher and sucks the moisture out.

Design and capacity

The most crucial part of any dishwasher is its interior design and capacity. Some of the vital features you should look out in the dishwashers are the third racks, adjustable rack height arrangements, cutlery trays options, and effortless movements.

Having these traits and features in a dishwasher will help you utilize this large appliance to its best. Also, dishwashers are available in a wide range of designs from stainless steel to fingerprint to black finish that matches perfectly with your kitchen decor and household aesthetics.


Dishwashers have longer washing cycles. This is mainly because most of them are eco-friendly electrical appliances that use a lesser amount of water and energy. If the dishwasher makes too much noise while doing the dishes, it is as good as having a quarrelsome maid. Anything within 38bd to 60bd is good. Anything under 48db is superb. A dishwasher should give you peace of mind and not a headache. Quietness is a vital feature you should consider while buying a dishwasher.

Home appliances

Maintenance and After service

Above all, maintenance and after service is the most crucial factor you should consider while buying a dishwasher. Even if you are purchasing the most powerful and efficient dishwasher; if a brand does not offer you good maintenance and after service, we guess you should look out for other options. Because at some point your dishwasher will break down and if your dishwasher brand does not give you a warranty period, it might also break down your pocket.

Our top 3 dishwashers for any household

Since you have come so far, this section will make your job of buying a dishwasher for your home much easier. We have picked the top five best dishwashers from the most trustworthy home appliance brands in the market right now. So read on!

Best High-End Dishwasher: Bosch 800 Series: SHPM88Z75N

Bosh’s 800 is the most popular line up of dishwashers. It is because this lineup is the best mix of features and sleek design.SHPM88Z75N offers 16 place settings for all kinds of dishes and utensils. It has six different types of wash cycles that make sure any kind of dirt stays at bay. The V-shaped third rack is a notable feature in the dishwasher. It gives you extra space for mugs, bowls, cups, and more. The built-in dishwasher is durable and easy to clean. When it comes to quietness, this stainless steel dishwasher produces just 40DB which is as silent as a library. If you are looking to spend money on a large appliance like a dishwasher then, SHPM88Z75N is worth spending every penny.

Best Budget dishwasher: Whirlpool: WDT710PAHZ

If you’re on a strict budget but still want a high performing dishwasher then, Whirlpool’s WDT710PAHZ is the best alternative for you. This top controlled stainless steel dishwasher comes with a five wash cycle, a sensor cycle, and a one-hour wash cycle to make sure the dishes are clean in half of the time. The additional features of this dishwasher include a soil sensor and fingerprint resistant.

It offers 13 place settings to make sure it fits every dish and utensil.

It’s hidden and easy controls give the dishwasher a high profile look. It employs both heating and drying fan techniques to ensure your dishes are perfectly dried. The 51db is not ultra-silent but it is not too noisy for households. Also, spares of this dishwasher is easily available in the market and it is star energy certified that makes the dishwasher a reliable large appliance.

Best Overall Dishwasher: Bosch 500 series: SHPM65Z55N

Bosch 500 series is a complete package. Price, features, design, and capacity it has it all. We don’t know what to write about SHPM65Z55N because it has made us speechless!

Similar to the 800 series, SHPM65Z55N from the 500 series has 16 place settings. The stainless steel dishwasher now comes with the AutoAir Dry feature in which the door slightly opens to let out the moisture once the cycle is over. It also has Sensor plus and Speed60 features that add more convenience and effortlessness to this stainless steel dishwasher.

Meanwhile, excellent features like EasyGlide racks and FlexSpace tines mean that you can truly customize this machine to make it your own. The three racks give you plenty of space.

Meanwhile, EasyGlide racks and FlexSpace tines features give you the authority to customize this large appliance as per your needs. The three racks can do all the dishes and utensils when you’re done with the hosting a perfect house party in one go! Also, this dishwasher is available in black, white, and stain steel that will compliment any kitchen. When it comes to quietness this high-performing dishwasher is astonishingly silent. It produces just 44db that is ridiculously calmer than most high-tech dishwashers.


The above-mentioned dishwashers and their brand are the most reliable and trustworthy in the market right now when it comes to large appliances like dishwashers. From price to features and performance these dishwashers have everything you need. With the above-mentioned dishwashers, you bid farewell to Dishstrees and Dishcomfort!

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