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Home Appliances in Dubai – Where to Buy

Home appliances have become an essential commodity and that in turn has made the entire home appliance and electrical home appliance segment a very important one in the world. The demand for different types of home appliances has increased every passing year and that has made a lot of companies establish themselves as the top of the line home appliance selling brands. These brands obviously vary from city to city and country to country as not all of them can afford to become a worldwide name to be recognized with. There are always shops and stores that we all swear by when it comes to buying certain products.

Even in a big and popular city like Dubai, there are a lot of stores and shopping chains that deal in home and electrical appliances. These are stores where you get all the big brands and a wonderful range of products from all of these brands. This allows you to choose every single product with careful deliberation and after a complete SWOT analysis if you will and giving great thought on your needs and also what fits your budget. Most of these stores also have a great online presence that allows you to choose appliances you need right from your home or office or wherever you feel like. It also helps you screen some products and then visit the store and make a final decision if that is what you like doing. Let’s look at those stores in depth.

Best Place To Buy Home Appliances


PlugnPoint is UAE based online shopping platforms which deals in original products from top brands. They believe in enhancing the lifestyle of the people by offering them finest home appliances. We host a huge variety of electronic and digital products including fridges, freezers, ovens, dispensers, air conditioners, generators, televisions, health monitors, gaming, gadgets and many more. We are well aware about your desire to have an outstanding shopping experience in a limited time. They also have a 24×7 customer service that always assists everyone and helps consumers and customers shop conveniently. Their online presence is excellent with regular updates on their product list and itinerary which allows online customers to get a great overview of the products available at their stores thus helping them make an informed and hassle free decision when it comes to buying any product or appliance. Whether you are looking for the best kitchen appliances, televisions, computers, mobiles or personal care gadgets, PlugnPoint offers you all the lowest possible rate. To amuse their customers, PlugnPoint also offers tremendous deals, sales, coupons and gift hampers and much more. What this does for you as a customer is that now you can save a big portion of your money by shopping at PlugnPoint. A great store and website to check out if you are a resident in the UAE and are looking for amazing home appliances along with excellent customer service.

Better Life

Well, as the name so wonderfully suggests, this chain of stores across the UAE does exactly what their name says, give all their customers a better life with their products and appliance list. Better Life is home to the world’s best brands in kitchen appliances with a wide choice of over 400 products from more than eight international brands including Siemens, Zanussi, Vestfrost, Terim, Solis and Hostess as well as the globally renowned, Forbes of Switzerland. Along with these wonderful brands, they also have their own brand that deals in appliances, Wolf Power. Pioneering the concept of built-in appliances in the region, Better Life’s showrooms are located at the Mall of the Emirates, City Centre Mirdif, The Springs Souk, Deira – Al Ittihad Road in Dubai and Dalma Mall in Abu Dhabi. They also have an excellent customer service facility that is located in Dubai. A wide and diverse range of products Better Life is among the finest appliance chains in UAE and you will have a great time out at any of their stores. Their team also ensures that your choices aren’t that difficult to make with the options available.

Home Appliances Online Dubai

Sharaf DG

An appliance chain with a brief yet wonderful history, Sharaf DG is another recognized name in the UAE for its wide range of electrical appliances. With over 25,000 electronic products and accessories to choose from reputed international brands, Sharaf DG’s distinctive style of enhancing customer lifestyle has left an indelible mark on the consumers mind, making us a household name to be reckoned with. They pride themselves on their exemplary service and product knowledge at the store level, coupled with the widest range of electronics available at the best value on display at one location, UAE’s first ever Big-Box concept started its journey as a 15,000 sq ft electronics store in Dubai. Their dedication towards their business and more importantly, excellent treatment of their customers has seen Sharaf DG become recipients of some of the biggest awards and these awards have helped them grow in stature.

There are many more stores, online and chains in the UAE that are excellent, but these three stand out on what they offer as an experience to a customer, whether a potential customer or a regular one.

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