You Won’t Find A Solid As A Rock Gigaset Landline Phone And Mobile Phone!

People are maturing more and more mobile, managing flexibly, and working their careers while on the progress. 2018 was the first-ever year in which higher calls were started by mobile phones than from a landline. Yet living for many is unthinkable without the phone at home. And there are three best reasons for that: the sound quality, calm connection, and low transmission of landline phones.

On account of Gigaset Landline Phone unbeatable benefits:

Reception is steady

Wherever in the home. In contradiction, a mobile signal is declined to a greater or lesser length, depending on the building’s foundation. That means weak reception and sound quality. The secure network with VoIP call quality influences across the board in this opinion. Simultaneously, with the appropriate terminal devices, HD sound allows a quantum leap – callers detect each other with a fuller noise and feel more familiar than a conventional phone call.


Best condition, low radiation

If the interface is low, a cellphone or smartphone raises its transmitting energy. It’s not obvious whether that has a long-term influence on human well-being. But one point is sure: More limited radiation is better. Gigaset’s handsets do not transmit any radiation at all while they are in standby mode. And while a call, their transmitting strength is only as high as is wanted to ensure a steady connection to the support station. The closer the handset is, the more economical the power. That not only lessens radiation exposure but also preserves electricity.

Only a landline phone in the office

Mobile connections are inclined to problems and so often a concern for making business proposals. Yet firms who nevertheless want to give their operators flexibility and versatility rely on cordless DECT handsets, which work seamlessly with living physical or cloud telephone operations. Single or multicell systems are utilized, depending on the space to be covered, and can even be introduced to cover some stories or buildings. Gigaset offers its built, high-quality Maxwell line with every credible convenience characteristic for amazingly demanding telephony requirements for receptions or CEO job staff.

Phoning without a handset and openers

Yet the fixed-line system can do even more with DECT, as evidenced by the latest Gigaset L800HX smart speaker, a machine that is a voice-controlled speaker and landline phone in one. When used with a DECT base location or agreeable routers, such as those FritzBox or Speedport, it can ask any different landline or mobile number. Small voice commands such as “Alexa, call Tom” is all it demands. Incoming calls can be received by asking out to the speaker – which is astonishingly practical if you have your fists full in the kitchen, for example. With its pure microphone technology and echo canceling, the L800HX assures that calls can be perceived very clearly, even when there’s a huge group of people around – such as in a house conference or when business calls are executed in small offices.

You are communicating with customers, sending e-mails to colleagues, saving and sharing valuable files, accessing customer data by attaching to your CRM. In a lot of businesses, the smartphone is growing into the most important business medium. Not extraordinary, since the latest mobile phones offer essentially the same business intelligence facilities as those offered to operators in the office.

At Gigaset, we are also well conscious of the fact that mobile telephony is vital in our modern society – for both users and enterprises. With our mobile commodity portfolio, we provide consumers with qualitative, convenient mobile resolutions, and smartphones. Answers that are also excellent for the business market.

Here are five reasons how a Gigaset smartphone is the most suitable match for your business communications situation?

Gigaset Landline Phone

  • At Blue Ocean Global, our principal focus is quality. That’s why results are presented to strict quality inspections. This covers environmental tests, for instance, regarding the impact of storage, temperature, and transportation. But also extended-term duration tests, to secure a lifetime of keypads and additional parts, and acoustical experiments. The extremely low return and lapse rates of our devices confirm that this comprehensive testing pays off. And because of these experiments, we are also ready to offer our mobile users a more considerate warranty. That is a 24-month full guarantee, including your smartphone battery.
  • Every profession is different, and we can visualize your business has particular needs concerning mobile communication. A group of smartphones comes with pre-installed apps and characteristics, often based on user needs. For your company, however, these apps might be of little benefit. It’s probable that you need more dedicated apps to assist your business explications or that you don’t require pre-installed apps at all. At Gigaset, we are going hard on software variety to be capable to pre-install specific apps to satisfy the specific requirements of every consumer. Because in conclusion, your mobile solution is expected to help your business.
  • One of the benefits of the Gigaset smartphones is that they are harmonious with any other business information solutions. So it’s simple to unite a desktop phone, cordless phone, and a smartphone in one chain from the services point of judgment. And from a commodity point of view, it’s clear to integrate our all-in-one Maxwell 10s desktop widget. It grants full Android software capacity, and thanks to a comparable user interface, it is probable to share apps that can be managed on both the Maxwell 10s and a smartphone. As an outcome, companies are able to combine their desktop device and mobile resolutions to make certain employees are ready to have all the needed features at their disposal – anywhere and whenever they want.
  • Whether you resemble personalized smartphones with employee’s titles laser-printed on the quarterback, customized back covers, or particular combinations of smartphones and accessories, we are capable of delivering custom-made outcomes, even in a little quantity.
  • Enterprise customers require a device to support their daily communications demands. We realize that. That’s why we identified three key areas in intellect demands: from understanding the desk, straying around, and on the street. We freshly began to achieve these operations and introduced an all-new IP desktop industry. As the global number 1 in IP DECT solutions, we assist indoor mobility with a set of handsets. And soon, we add a new smartphone selection to our contribution. As Gigaset is interoperable and agreeable with leading providers and accessory vendors, we can assert that – mutually with our partners – we propose a one-stop-shop in information solutions for our consumers.


We see mobile devices as a piece of a communications solution – for both users and businesses. That’s why we are working carefully on bonus mobile solutions that satisfy every need. Momentarily, and in the future.

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