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Go Green With Eco Friendly Home Appliances Brands

With the evolution of humans, technology has evolved too. Every day people are inventing something or other to make our life a little more convenient than it was yesterday. And we have reached a point where today’s world is all about high tech gadgets. We have built these gadgets that get our work done swiftly. There is a gadget/ device available for everything, right from wearing socks to connecting with people living in other parts of the world. I home appliances t has almost made everything an instant. But in the process of making our life easy, we have been hard on our earth. The home appliances that make our life comfortable, generate e-waste that has hampered earth’s life.

Our greed and never settle for less attitude has an awful impact on today’s world. It has polluted the air we breathe, contaminated the water we drink, sterile our land, altered topography of the world, it’s high time for us to switch to an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Countries all over the world are trying to fight e-waste and reduce global warming. And as the saying goes; “charity begins at home.” Here is a range of eco-friendly brands that helps the world to paint GREEN.

Deck up with Black+ Decker

Black+ Decker not only makes your home a style icon but also eco-friendly. It is a premium brand that stands with and for sustainability. They provide you a wide range of eco-friendly products/appliances that help you change to greener home appliances without losing efficiency.

Black+ Decker power tools are fueled by electricity, meaning it does not emit any harmful gases which pollute the air. By no means, the Black Decker range of power tools compromises in delivering power and efficiency. Moreover, the battery system used namely 20V Max and 40V Max can be used in any Black Decker’s power tools. These batteries are long-lasting and reusable.

Eco Friendly Home Appliances

Black Decker also offers you a variety of eco-friendly small appliances, you can use in your kitchen or offices. This range includes toasters tea/coffee machines, mini-refrigerators, ovens, and cooking appliances that quickens up the tedious cooking process.

All the appliance comes with auto-sense technology that shuts down automatically once it has completed a task. Also, these appliances consume fewer watts that help you save electricity and don’t hamper your pockets.

In 2013, Black and Decker achieved a position in the S&P 500 Climate Performance Leadership Index (CPLI). The annual index highlights companies that demonstrate strategies committed to improving their impact on the environment.

Green Motto by Motorola

In 2020, there are approximately 4.78 billion mobile users, meaning almost 61.67% of the world population is using mobiles to connect with the people they love. On average people change their phones every 4 years. It creates large landfills of electronic waste, which is non-degradable which releases harmful gases like Co2 in the long run. If we want to build an eco- friendly and sustainable environment then, the way and materials used in the manufacturing of phones also have to change.

Motorola is a renowned name in the field of telecommunication; committed to manufacturing phones that eco- friendly towards the environment. Their green design has brought a significant reduction in electronic waste. Every new mobile phone and accessories from Motorola is assessed for compliance with materials regulations, energy performance, and minimization of packaging. On average Motorola’s chargers use 0.10 watts, which is 66% lower than Energy Star standards.

Motorola’s entire mobile device product range is free from brominated flame retardants (BFR) and contains no PVC or phthalates.

Motorola’s wall and rapid car chargers are carbon-free which perfect alternatives to conventional chargers are. Their chargers and USB match up the standards set by Global System for Mobile Communication. (GSMC)

The wall and rapid car charger alternatives ensure the new chargers function across a variety of phones and can be used everywhere.

The TurboPower Wireless Charging Pad is a 6.6ft long cable and has 27-watt power. TurboPower charger ensures maximum performance. It is Qi certified and safe, it has advanced foreign object detection to keep your device protected. The charging pad has a fanless thermal management system that depletes heat enabling full speed charging without noise. The TurboPower wireless charger is BFR free, lead-free, PVC free, Phthalates free, and RoHS compliant which makes it environmentally friendly.

Eco Friendly Kitchen Appliances

Green Homes by Gigaset

There are times when we often forget to switch off the lights, keep the water tap running, or turn the air conditioner too high. This leads to a lot of energy waste. We have to be cautious of the way we consume/ use energy in our house because change starts from home and change is all about taking small careful steps towards change.

Technology, if used in the right ways can help us achieve creating an environmentally eco- friendly space. With advancing technology, we’ve built gadgets like Alexa, Amazon Echo which can turn our sweet home into smart green homes.

Gigaset, formerly known as Siemens Home and Office Communication Devices, is an MNC based in Germany, provides smart home solutions that can help us build sustainable houses that save electricity, water, and control the temperature.

The Gigaset smart home comprises a base station, smoke detector, motion sensors, and cameras. It also has smart plugins and buttons which can be used to operate electrical appliances/ devices in your house. The devices are connected to the base-station through DECT Ultra Low Energy (DECT-ULE) and the base (a home gateway) is connected to the internet by wired LAN. The user can get notifications on his smartphone by using a dedicated app that is available on android and ios platforms.

Even though the earth is made up of 70% of water, there is a huge shortage of water around the world. Gigaset water is a smart home device that is a water sensor that helps us to flatten the curve of wasting of water. It immediately sends you notification on your phone if there is a leakage from your washing machine or dishwasher. It is simple to install and works without internet connectivity. Also, it has five years of battery life and comes with a 1.5m long cable. It is most compatible with the Gigaset alarm system.

Gigaset also provides a thermostat; a device that controls the temperature and heating in your smart house. A Gigaset heating pack is easy to fix, controls the heating temperature that helps you save energy and money. It is a battery-operated machine that can remotely be controlled with your smartphone by using its free app. You can set your favorite temperature for the day of the week with the timer or automatically set the temperature on your way home with the Gigaset heating pack. This heating package contains one base station and two thermostats radiators.

Though smart homes help us to save a lot, it has a long way to go. There are still things that can be improvised to create smart homes that are not only more sustainable and eco-friendly but cost-effective. However, with that being said, Gigaset is on the right track of innovating more environmentally friendly smart houses.

Eco Friendly Home Appliances

Final Words

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

We as consumers can make the change happen. The more we buy eco-friendly products, the more environmentally friendly products will be in demand. And our home is the best place to start this revolution.

When we start adapting to a more eco-friendly lifestyle, it helps us to make the earth a better place for the coming generations because the earth is all we have in common and it becomes our topmost priority to save the world by whichever means. And using eco-friendly products/appliances is our go-to method to achieve this goal.

Using eco-friendly products/appliances will not save the world but it will also save your pockets. Let’s be honest you are not here on earth to just pay bills and die! There is a lot more you can do with all the money you saved. Travel a greener world, breathe more fresh air, and eat better food that helps you to live a healthy life!

Blue Ocean Global as a distribution house always believed in change and innovation that makes the world a better place. We have partnered with international brands across the globe that help us achieve this GREEN goal. And we are a proud and leading distributor of all the above-mentioned brands that help the world to be a better place. We have set our footprints in over 40 countries including UAE, GCC Region, LEVANT, Africa, South East Asia, Indian subcontinent, CIS, Australia, New Zealand, and, UK and more

Apart from these companies, there are other brands as well that cross our mind when we talk about the best home appliance brand. But these are some of the finest and if you have a list of appliances to be bought, these brands won’t let you down.

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