Our strategy includes growing brands and expanding distribution network in GCC, Levant, Africa, India, CIS, Australia and New Zealand.

Gigaset is an internationally operating company in the field of communication technology. All our products come with 160 years of German excellence. Our products include Cordless, Corded, VoIP Telephony, Smart Home Elements, Home Network Solutions and Business Enterprise Solutions

Cordless phones

Corded Phones

VoIP Phones

NEC is enabling new approaches to how Communications and IT services are delivered and managed, providing new ways for enterprises to operate and grow. As an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) leader, NEC brings together & integrates technology and expertise to create the ICT-enabled society of tomorrow.

NEC SL2100 System

NEC SV9100 System

When it comes to Business Enterprise Solutions, this is one name that stands above the rest. In today’s fast-moving business world, professionals have to get information on the go. That’s where Gigaset Pro comes in. It's portfolio of connectivity, unified communications

Business enterprise solutions

Htek has been manufacturing VoIP endpoints since its inception and has sold more than 2,000,000 units of VoIP terminals. Its products include UC800 series IP phone which delivers modern elegant appearance, superb sound quality and a rich set of SIP telephony features, UC40 expansion module, UC900 series IP phone along with UC46 expansion module and many more. The product line has also received TMC Annual Unified-Communications Product Award and TMC Laboratory Excellence-Award for Innovation in 2017.

UC926E WiFi/Bluetooth IP Phone

UC912G Enterprise IP Phone

Motorola is a part of mobile communications industry. For the past 80 years, Motorola has been finding new ways to solve communication problems. It has invented the first mobile phone, first base station etc. to make mobile communication possible and still climbing with pioneering spirit

Cordless phones

Corded Phones

Gigacom provides you with safe and reliable home electrical solutions. Its products include power strips and other electrical products. All products are available through a vast network of partners and wholesale distributors. The products adhere to stringent global quality standards

Power strips

Power strips

In today’s fast-paced world, SKROSS helps you stay connected even when on the move. SKROSS is a Swiss company which has been in the field for many years. It provides travel adapters, USB chargers, Cables and Batteries. Safety is at the center of the entire development

Travel Adapters

Power Bank

Cables and Batteries

Holdit is the leading supplier in its market for past 20 years. Holdit lives by the motto to simplify digital life. It offers a wide range of products with continuous updates to fulfill customer requirements on design and function. Today Holdit is considered to be a world-class established supplier.

Tablet cases

Mobile phone cases

Vantage has been in the industry of security & surveillance for 27 years. Vantage lives by the motto of “Keeping You Safe”. There are endless factors which are threatening public and their personal safety. Our products cover all aspects of commercial and industrial electronic security

Surveillance Cameras

Recording Management systems

Audio Video Door Phones