Blue Ocean Global strength lies in its operational excellence and strategic understanding of the business. With a strong process orientation and customer centricity, Blue Ocean biggest satisfaction is in celebrating customer success.
We live in a disruptive age where change is happening at a furious pace, success comes to those who innovate and adapt. From modest beginning, Blue Ocean Global remarkable progress in distribution is a result of its passion to provide best in class services. Blue Ocean currently employs several experienced professionals and serves its customers through its presence in MEA, India, SEA, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. For us, re-inventing ourselves is a way of life. We believe that value created for our clients is value created for the company. Our activities include regional distribution of brands like Gigaset, Motorola, SKROSS, Gigacom and Vantage and many more. Blue Ocean counts on operational excellence and strong trade relationships in order to provide customers with the best products and services.


  • Extensive knowledge of Telecommunications and Electronics
  • Wide regional distribution coverage
  • Access to 40 + International markets
  • 400 retail and online coverage
  • Business to Business market know how
  • Strong market presence and trade relationship
  • Professional and experienced staff
  • Best in class sales & service
  • Marketing expertise
  • Financial stability


Global Distribution Company that provides Quality Products and Services to improve the lives of end consumer


To provide quality, value added products and services in the field of Telecommunications, Electronics, Electrical and Security


Core of our business ideology is based on creative thinking and merit based decision making. We have implicit trust in our team and our actions and behavior are based on meritocracy & transparency. We find immense pleasure in providing solutions to our customers that improves quality of life


Shahzad Ahmed

Chief Executive Officer

Parvez Ansari

Managing Director

Muhammad Salahuddin

Chief Finance and Strategy Officer

Rohit Savara

Chief Sales Officer

Blue Ocean Global FZCO

Mustafa Kamal

General Manager

Al Mazhar Distribution

Arvind Prasad

General Manager

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